Taken from my old blog, dated january 9, 2012

Why french? Meh, who cares. We are here to talk about my abnormal sleep behavior. I am not sure if it is exactly abnormal, not having observed other people much, but there are some features to my sleep, that if they are normal, God save humanity… ūüôā ¬†[ok, not something¬†thatdrastic ]
As some of you [Read ‘Samit’] know quite well, I [used to] suffer from night terrors. This is something, wherein I would wake up screaming like a banshee on steroids, keep at it for about 30-40 seconds, waking everyone within earshot [and a few beyond] and promptly fall asleep again, oblivious. Sometimes, I would wake up on account of the hubbub around me and realise what has transpired. A few apologies later, everyone would return to bed, no one except me enjoying a sound sleep.
We even consulted a doctor, who said it was nothing detectable. A few pill regimens later, I am seemingly¬†cured. Though it did recur about 6 months later, once I kinda figured out a pattern to it, it straightaway stopped. This reminds me of a problem our old Maruti 800 once had. It just stopped working, and wouldnt start without a¬†vigorous¬†push, 3-4 times on the Pune-Nashik highway. Back in Nashik, the mechanic saw the car, noticed nothing was wrong, asked Dad to start the car, and it started, like nothing ever happened. Though it stopped, we were never quite sure when it would crop up again, the problem, and we would be stranded. 4 years of use, till we finally sold it, we could never take the “Ghost Problem” out of our minds. My affliction (?) is analogous. It hasnt recurred in over a year now, but I can never sleep easy, knowing it can happen.
Why am I writing about this? Just yesterday [yesternight?], a most singular series of events [ah! Sherlock holmes :)] took place. I love Mumuryache laadu [whats it called in english? puffed rice flakes?] and my mom gave me a huge bag full of them. As Rahul [The Rote one, my room-mate] was also interested in them, the bag was open, right next to my bed. I woke up in the middle of the night, and for some reason had a craving for those laadus. I ate a half laadu, just like that, half asleep, and immediately fell asleep again. The wierd thing is, this thing repeated itself 4-5 times, and I ate about 5 big laadus [they are pretty big, bigger than golf balls] through the night. When I woke up in the morning, and realised what had happened, in addition to loads of laughter, I got an upset belly.
Again, why am I writing this? No reason. I just finished grading 160 papers, almost at a stretch. Was super bored, and this is something I am doing just before I hit the trenches, for another [hopefully un]eventful night. Good night to all of you!

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