A vast trove of quotable bits

The gone away world: Nick Harkaway

A writer’s book, a readers tale. This is a brilliant exposition of storytelling, laden with satire set in the most creative of dystopias. a super twist on the narrative structure, it is more a story about interpersonal relationships in times of crisis then anything Sci Fi. Or not just interpersonal, within yourself too. 

A nicely crafted tale, that can be meandering at times, you find yourself surfing the awesome flights of fancy withiin Harkaway’s mind. Filled with some pretty sharp and exquisite one liners, this is one book that is worth reading again later too… 

The overall premise is a dystopian future where everything depends on one pipeline encircling the globe and spewing out some gas that keeps the darkness at bay. The people who built it, including our narrator, must go and fix a new leak that has developed in this unbreakable pipeline. We plunge into a flashback of their childhood through adolescence, getting a glimpse of the humans who cause the massive collapse of society, the rebuilding process and the final twist that renders the story complete. Littered with satire and hilarious outtakes, the story becomes secondary as you marvel at the extraordinary skill with which Harkaway presents his tale.

If you like some dense, thoughtful reading, do read this one. 


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