Cliched Fantasy at its best

The Belgariad:
1 Pawn of Prophecy
2 Queen of Sorcery 
3 Magician’s Gambit 
4 Castle of Wizardry 
5 Enchanters’ End Game 

Chanced upon this slightly older gem. Starts off simplistic, young boy and a band of adventurers caught up in an old prophecy which leads them across the world which is modelled after the fantasy favourite ‘medieval england’ theme. Super cliche. The story follows mostly expected and predictable lines. Each individual novel is short and action packed. 

The seductive part of the whole series is that somehow it sucks you in. There are small twists and turns as you go deeper in the story that keep you hooked. deviations from the cliche plotline. In the end, it is 
the simple fast paced reading from the point of view of a young stubborn hero [and sometimes heroine] who do not understand much of what is going on but play crucial roles in the story results in a few hours well spent. 

no wonder this guy was #1 on  the best seller charts.


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