Yet another fantasy book. does it go down the same beaten path? I think not. 

Rothfuss writes more in the GRR martin style of meandering, history type writing. However, where GRRM tries to push the envelop on linguistic rules like character development and story linearity often devolving into boredom, Rothfuss maintains your interest throughout. 

Marrying the cliches of the genre, an unknown magical genre, an orphan seeking vengeance, a mysterious barman telling the stories of his storied past, to innovative new ideas, rothfuss manages to bring about a good mix of a solid story line with many interesting tangential sub-plots. 

The crux of the matter is though, that the protagonist here is niether warrior nor sorceror [yet] , he is just supremely, even supernaturally intelligent. We start with the barman recounting his tales, presumably his stories take 3 days to tell, hence the 3 books. 

In this, the first day, we follow the exploits of a boy who grows up with a performing circus, learning all manner of trades and acting techniques. Armed with native intelligence and some training from an alchemist, he manages to get into The University, the city cum learning center at the heart of the country. 

We follow his exploits in the university as he goes from bad luck to bad luck, navigating the complex world full of spiteful aristocrats, beautiful but unfathomable women, close friends and quirky professors. All this in a fantasy background

rothfuss maintains interest throughout, piquing interest in the sequel, which I am due to read in the next few weeks. 


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