Stormlight in a teacup, of massive proportions

Back to my very favourite-estestest author in recent years, Mr Sanderson. 

After penning many trilogies [mistborn, Rithmatist, Steelheart] and one off books [Elantris, Warbreaker] that are excellent in their own right, he has turned his eye to his magnum opus, a 10 book series, the stormlight archive. 

I just read book two, so most of my thoughts are from there. 
All in all, the series so far combines all the brilliant sanderson qualities we have come to admire, gripping pace, mind-blowing plot twists, strong commentary on social hierarchies, and best of all, insanely innovative and creative magic systems. I wont even attempt to detail all the magicks described in the Stormlight archive, there are many small things that make up a cogent whole. 

You may not be aware, but almost all of sanderson’s works are all set in the same universe, the Cosmere. this is not apparent, as ll worlds have wildly different physics and magicks, but the underlying thread revealing the existence of the cosmere is becoming apparent in the stormlight archive. This is mostly important and exciting for sanderson fans, who have devoured all his books [written at a ferocious pace, all books since 2004] . 

Go check out the extensive wikis that these books have spawned for reviews [and spoilers] and you will see for yourself the intense fandom that has evolved in response to some very finely written extremely well thought out books. [one of the best wikis is called Coppermind]

I really cannot recommend these books highly enough, especially to SFF fans. The sprawling story has just begun, with the first book starting slowly, setting the stage for what seems to be an involved conflict set in a crumbling world. The second books ramps it up to a crushing pace with no respite and seat-gripping action. Reminiscent of the heady days of the first few books of the Wheel of time, this one promises to be just as big. 


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