The Alcatraz Smedry series, by Brandon Sanderson

I became an instant Sanderson fan after reading the last few books he wrote int he wheel of time series, after Robert Jordan died. He has a sure hand, funny asides to keep you hooked and a very detailed, thought out magic system in each of his universes that he somehow manages to describe without it getting boring. 

The Alcatraz Smedry series is the only time he has tried his hand at young adult fiction or sort of the Harry Potter genre of a kid thrust in a magical world he [and we] know nothing of and we find out along his journey of awesome adventures. Only difference, this one is kinda funny. Very funny. 

Alcatraz smedry is a clumsy foster kid who breaks things. Turns out, he is a very powerful scion of the smedry clan from the free kingdoms, and he has a Talent for breaking things.  Every Smedry has a Talent, which is a superpower. the world is divided into Free kingdoms and the Hushlands. Hushland include the five major continents of Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa and are governed by the evil Librarians who have brainwashed all the hushlanders into a primitive, ignorant lifestyle. These books are the autobiography of the hero who saved the free kingdoms, Alcatraz Smedry [all powerful free kingdomer names are used as prison names in the hushlands, alcatraz’s female interest is Bastille] who writes using the pen name Brandon Sanderson, and publishes books under the kids section to avoid librarian intervention

The magic system in this world is divided into two things. Smedry Talents are magic, and give certain people certain powers [like being late, or being bad at dancing or math, or like Alcatraz, breaking things]. Then there is Silimatic technology, which ascribes certain properties to certain types of glass, like the warrior lens gives the wearer better physical capabilities or the truthfinders lens behaving like truth serum or special boots that allow you to be spiderman and lots of other cool stuff. read the books. 


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