Another book on war? This one is good!

Old Man’s War, By John Scalzi


All the reviews are excellent, they call it an extraordinary debut and an immensely original, fun read. All true. My impression from this book was that it struck a good balance between light reading and nuanced, well thought out SciFi. With equal amounts of believable Sci and entertaining Fi

The plot is simple, it is the future and an entity call the Colonial Defense Forces provides security to the colonists from Earth occupying other planets, simply because the Real Estate race in the universe is fierce and all the species are fighting hard. CDF hires only people above the age of 75 though, hence the title. Presumably, they give the recruits their youth back. Our Hero is an extraordinarily gifted fellow, excelling at everything through the dint of common sense. A couple of interesting twists make it a nice read while the overall story follows a predictably comfortable plot with some interesting takes on war, aliens and other issues.

If you happen to come across a copy, I would recommend you read this one. It is good.


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