How did it go?

It is that time of the day, time for mimosas. Not a big fan of the bubbly [“Studies show it is fattening, Mary…”] both girls settle for wide range of non alcoholic, but equally effective fried assortment associated with a southern breakfast. Start with lightly browned hash browns. The key is a hot griddle. Over easy eggs. Coffee, Toast, grits. Mary chooses sizzling strips of bacon while Jip [ Her real name is Josephine. I know! ] opts for some smoked ham. They round it off with tall sweating glasses of Diet Coke and some intensely green looking rocket salad in huge bowls that dominate the table.

Outwardly calm, they are waiting for the server [Hi! I am Matt! I’ll be your server this morning. what would you like? Have a nice breakfast y’all!] to leave before they burst into words almost at the same time. “I had such a hard time waking up today” and “What nice sleeping-in weather”. It is overcast conditions, will likely rain in the afternoon. Who can predict nowadays. The food will wake them up.  And of course, the gossip about last night.

Jip draws first blood, “Did he pay for the dinner, or did y’all split?”. Mary says they split as she butters her toast. Jip opts for a vague “Tell me everything” next, in hopes of not having to talk for sometime, so she can eat. Mary does not want herself to be too eager, even in front of her bff, so she takes a deep, thoughtful breath before she begins: “I did not even go home last night!”. Some salad is eaten as this piece of information is assimilated, slowly.

“Nothing like that Jippy. You’re wicked. ha ha ha… We just ended up spending the night around downtown, trawling bars and walking around. So I dropped him at his place, and just came here. Did you not notice the bags under my eyes??” says Mary, pointing to her uniformly made up face. The “Tell me more” comes out garbled because of the toast.

“We ate at this asian fusion place. What amazing food! Super light, melt-in-the-mouth meats. I barely ate though. Gotta maintain this lissome figure!” she tittered as she rubbed her washboard belly. “Not that I had to work hard at not eating. We were constantly talking.”

“Did you think he was funny? John thinks Max is hilarious. I want your opinion. ” Jip checks he phone quickly for messages from John as she says this.

“Funny? Not really” Mary laughs politely behind her napkin. “I mean he made jokes, I guess I laughed.”

The food is almost gone. Matt the server comes around with the check [“Split it please! thanks”].
Jip wants to skip classes and go sit near in the coffee shop in their college building to discuss the more intimate details of Mary and Max’s adventures last night. This is the second match she has made and she feels good about this one. She can read Mary better than anyone else. “Do you think you guys will go out again? Did you feel it ?”

Mary’s phone starts buzzing. She lets it buzz for a few more times, an almost superhuman effort showing no signs on her face.

“Oh hey. Awake so soon? yeah, I was on my way to class. Physics 2”

“Ummhmmm… Yeah. ha ha ha ha ha! stop it”

“wait, let me check”

She takes out some 5$ bills, pays for both. ‘my turn’ she mouths. Jip puts her wallet away.

“Yeah, sure. I can do lunch. I am already starving, gotta go to class now though”

She winks at Jip, nodding her head in the direction of the roof-top cafe in the chemistry building. Jip smiles at her, her green eyes twinkling with anticipation.

“I’ll see you soon Max. Bye”

The girls walk out the breakfast place into the bright sunshine as the sun breaks through. There is no one around to hear her when Jip shouts aloud “He said what!?? “


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