Just came back from the second GT home game of the season. Heart still thumping, ears ringing. Emotions running high. Must write this before I sleep today.


Any sport is exciting if you get into it I guess. I have learnt that doing that is very easy for me. I have been going with friends and since we win a lot it is great to follow.

Today’s game was an emotional roller coaster. Our first clue was the HUGE players on the other side, boston college. Then we saw our star player’s thigh was bandaged. Oh, by the way, get used to these names:


Teegan Van Gunst

Annika Van Gunst

London Ackermann

Ashley Askin

Rebecca Martin

Lauren Pitz

Anna Kavalchuk

Gabriela Stavnetchei

Wimberley Wilson

Gabbi Benda

Some indication of the fanaticism here that I wrote out that list without referring to notes and this is just my second game.


So anyway. All you have to know is that Teegan VanGunst is a most impressive player, the rock of the team. Usually has 3 times the points of the next person in the team.

Turns out Boston college did not rely on their height. They were astute judges of gap balls and did not let a single one away in their own half. Meanwhile Teegan with her bandaged leg seemed a shadow of herself and soon enough, GT was 2-0 down.

Something must have happened in the half time break that followed. While the first two sets had gone to 20+ points for both teams [they play up to 25] we lost them easily. This set we kept in the hunt. 25-25. then the teams traded points. At one point we thought we had it but the ball had landed in not out. Our celebrations cut short, a roar of Boos rose up. Somehow we clung to the lead and won 29-27


The third set you could see Teegan’s form return. We found another unlikely saviour in Anna Kavalchuk who kept bagging crucial points. Ashley with her usual rocket serves and smashes, London with some superb digs [she reached 1000 career digs this season] alongside Teegan and Lauren / Sydney combo up front delivered smashes perfectly set up by Rebecca and Gabbi. It was inevitable, this set was ours. No questions. As always, Annika Van Gunst, overshadowed by Teegan, played a solid hand.\


Fourth set is played to 15. We had regained our mojo. The two lost sets seemed like a distant memory. We rolled over the Eagles with characteristic dominance.


You might have noticed this to be particularly unexcitedly written piece for something I am saying was so cool. Well, you just had to be there. It was an intense experience beyond words. My words atleast.

Also, I got in line and met the players, then got this poster signed by the players! šŸ™‚





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